Episode 25: Invasive Species and the Waco Siege (Part 1)

Episode 25: Invasive Species and the Waco Siege (Part 1)

‘Unwelcomed pests, invasive three
Save yourselves is natures plea’
Justin shares with us his poetic side in episode 25 of @thesoftbrains, he tells us all about the damage of three invasive species. The zebra mussels, dandelions and the Norwegian rat. They’ve spread all over the world, damaging and infiltrating human environments. And human intervention hasn’t exactly been the most helpful.

Speaking of human intervention, Clarke tells us all about the ways that intervention can go wrong. She gives us a brief history on the Branch Davidians and their previous leader David Koresh who was preparing for the apocalypse by stockpiling weapons. Eventually leading to the ATF’s intervention and the death of 76 people during the Waco Siege in 1993.

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An aptly named Zebra Mussel
Zebra Mussels sticking on to another mussel.
A dandelion field in Russia
The rat, the most successful mammal aside from humans

The Mount Carmel Center, the Branch Davidian’s home
Victor Houteff, the founder of the Branch Davidians
The flag of Branch Davidians
David Koresh