Episode 30: The Franklin Expedition and Sumo Wrestlers

Episode 30: The Franklin Expedition and Sumo Wrestlers

In 1858, two ships headed for the search of the Northwest Passage disappeared. The Franklin Expedition is one of Canada’s most enduring mysteries, it’s the story of a determined wife, possible cannibalism, and a sprinkle of the paranormal. The HMS Erebus and the HMS Terror were discovered in 2014 and 2016, respectively, but the ships are still rife with mystery and suspicion. Clarke tells us all about how they got there, what happened and how the Canadian government is involved.

On the other side of the planet, Justin takes us into the world of Sumo and the Rikishi. The popularity of sumo came and went, depending on local rulers and how they felt about sumo. But it was consistently a staple of Japanese culture and tradition at time to a fault. The conditions that sumo wrestlers live in and the associations persistence to hold to tradition has stirred up some controversy in recent years. Find out all about it this weeks episode of @thesoftbrains Episode 30: The Franklin Expedition and Sumo Wrestlers

The route of the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror
Sir John Franklin, ‘the man who ate his boots.’
Lady Jane Franklin
The 20 000 euro reward for the search of Sir John Franklin and his ships

Check out the national geographic website for pictures of the discovered HMS Erebus!

Sumo Wrestler depiction from 1850
A rikishi wearing a traditional kesho-mawashi
Low ranking sumo wrestling trainees doing their daily workout at a stable in Tokyo.
Harumafuji, a star sumo wrestler from Malaysia