Episode 31: Kentucky Bourbon and the World’s Most Famous Restaurants

Episode 31: Kentucky Bourbon and the World’s Most Famous Restaurants

Are you ready to get drunk and hungry? In this weeks episode of the Softbrains, Justin takes us down the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. He tells us exactly what this amber-coloured alcohol is made out of, its history and the weird rules and guidelines around its distillation. Bourbon barrels can’t be re-used, so what do they do with them? BBQ sauce, wine, decoration in your grandmas basement. This delicious drink is just the start of this episodes journey into deliciousness.

Clarke takes us on a journey through the world’s most famous restaurants. From the Napa Valley, to Catalonia to Paris, the French Laundry, El Bulli and the Tour D’argent are without a doubt the most famous restaurants in the world. Whether they started off as an Eagle Saloon or whether they specialize in foamed food, these restaurants are famous for a reason. Was it their ingredients, their innovation or their cultural significance that led to their fame? Get ready to salivate in Episode 31: Kentucky Bourbon and the World’s Most Famous Restaurants.

Bourbon evaporating into the ‘Angels Share’
The best of the best for Bourbon
The Makers Mark distillery, one of the stops on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail
Buffalo Trace Distillery

The original French Laundry restaurant in the Napa Valley
The 10 million dollar French Laundry renovation.
Mini pancakes from the French Laundry
El Bulli Restaurant in Catalonia, Spain
Lobster Gazpacho and a view from El Bulli
The Tour D’Argent, originally an Inn from the 15th century
A depiction of the Tour D’argent in the 1800’s
The Tour D’Argent restaurant today.

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