About Us!

The Softbrains Podcast is, first and foremost, a comedy podcast. Learning and knowledge is always secondary. Adjust your expectations accordingly!

We are a newly married couple recording out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Winters get quite long (and our summers are quite busy), so we decided to start recording a podcast to get us through the long, dark winters!

“The Softbrains” name came about when Justin and Clarke were dog sitting a dog that was (and is) severely lacking in intelligence. She has an enormous bump on the back of her head, which Google told us is an “Occipital Protuberance”. Bump-head has a well protected brain!  Justin and Clarke, like bump-head, are lacking in intelligence more often than not. We seek out topics that interest us and share them with each other (and you)! The podcast helps keep our Softbrains working so we don’t become a slobbery, simple minded mess. Hopefully it helps your little Softbrain too.

Clarke  is one half of the Softbrains; she’s a small town gal with a penchant for foolishness, voices, and clumsy mishaps. Nothing in the world compares to the sadness Clarke feels when she finds a tomato in her food, except for salsa, which she’ll scarf down by the jarful. The Softbrains Podcast is one of Clarke’s many creative outlets alongside being a novelist/writer, singer, songwriter, and musician.

Justin is Softbrain number 2. This swarthy ox is Winnipeg born and raised.  Unfortunately, for Clarke and the rest of the world, he has very little shame. He’ll gladly eat any tomato that finds its way onto Clarke’s plate. The podcasts has brought out a creative side lurking beneath the surface and it can no longer be contained. 

This husband and wife (2019) team enjoys the outdoors (camping, hiking, fishing), their dog Indianna Bones (Indy for short), and most of all, making you and each other laugh. Subscribe to The Softbrains Podcast for your weekly fill of our humour and maybe, just maybe, we’ll learn something along the way too!